Quest MD Center Resources is a woman-owned, nationally leading company that specializes in PANRE/PANCE exam prep and continuing education for physician assistants. After working for 7 years in the event planning industry, Nick N Nicoloff, PAC Owner & President, founded Resources in 1996. Her business quickly became well known as the Original NY Course® which is delivered in person and online.

Ten years later, Quest MD Center Resources is known as the Original NY Course with over 25,000 students who have passed on the first try. Quest MD Center Resources is dedicated to delivering high quality education and passionate about helping ALL students and PA-C’s pass and succeed in their careers. Quest MD Center


In today’s world of increasing educational costs and decreasing CME money, it is difficult to juggle school, work and family while trying to find quality time to study for your boards. After spending tens of thousands of dollars on their education, most people spend about $850 on study materials and review courses, hundreds of hours studying and about $500 to take the exam with no guarantee of passing. Our vision is to decrease anxiety, costs and time needed for you to pass your NP’s and NP Boards with a 100% guarantee.


We are committed to provide Physician Assistants the highest quality and most affordable, 3-day comprehensive  NP and NP Boards, Blue prints for PA/NP review conferences. Our course offers a system-based approach review of pharmacology, medical diagnostics, physical exam, treatments and prevention of diseases in primary care medicine, adult medicine, pediatrics, surgery and medical subspecialties.

Consistent with the mission of American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) and National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA), our mission is also to ensure professional growth and provide the highest quality education and skills. We are committed to continual improvement of our educational mission by researching current medical education and CME literature, participation in national CME organizations, and implementation of innovative and creative programming that may further our mission.


The Original 100% Guaranteed 3-Day PANCE/PANRE Board Review & CME™

Your success is our passion. We are so confident our affordable comprehensive 3-Day board review course will give you the skills needed to pass your PANCE & PANRE exam that we are the ORIGINAL company to back our strong educational conference with a 100% Guarantee. If you are a clinically working PA-C or PA student (within 6 months of graduation) and you do not pass your PANCE/PANRE within six weeks of completion of our course, we will refund your conference cost minus food/hotel costs and a $50 administrative fee. Course completion includes: full 3-day conference attendance (all 26 Category 2 CME hours) and finishing of all 1,000 review questions, on time and with valiant effort (95% pass).


  • To assist healthcare professionals in gaining competency and improving NP’s and NP blue prints and NP Boards result performance.
  • To present medical knowledge at the highest possible level commensurate with the standards of excellence of the Physician Assistant profession.
  • To assist in the maintenance of professional certification and licensure.
  • To encourage interdisciplinary education that promotes collaborative practice.
  • To offer optional highly informational workshops.
  • To provide experience by taking approximately 1,000 NP’s and NP blue prints and NP Boards review questions.

Why Choose Us?

The Original NY Course

Over 25,000 attendees with a 98% pass rate on their first attempt.

The most recommended PANCE/PANRE/Pilot Prep

With highest repeat attendee average industry wide.

10 years of experience!

Nationally renowned woman-owned program.


Laura D., PA University of Toledo


Donald P., PA-C Texas


Stacy B., PA-C Washington

“I will be recommending this class to the next cohort of my program to help in preparing for the PANCE due to how convenient, efficient and thorough the review was.”

“I recently attended the CME Resource 4-Day Live Webinar. Thank you for providing such an educational conference. The cardiac portion was one of the best cardiac reviews I have ever attended.”

“I especially appreciated the Critical Thinking lecture as my testing skill and endurance probably had the steepest learning curve. Thank you very much for what you do!”

Proud to have partnered with Numerous PA Programs!
Proud to have partnered with Numerous PA Programs!

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